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Elder Treadway
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Cebu, Philippines


Elder Brandon Treadway
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November 2, 2011 -- The Last One

So yes ladies and gentlemen, this is that last email that will be sent by Elder Brandon Treadway. Its been quite the last two years. I think that all of us have grown in our individual ways. I've learned more about myself in the last two years than I could have learned anywhere else. Definitely worth the leaving the iPod behind, avoiding the movies and TV shows (that are in Tagalog anyway so not too much of a burden). Just love everything that I've learned. Yeah I made mistakes and stuff but that's what learning is all about. Right? Just looooved it all so much.

And now for the recap for this week. If you thought that last week's email was crazy, then this one is going to blow your minds!!! What a great way to end the mission--with this email.

So the plan for Saturday was to have Ernie and Rowena get married at 10 am and then get baptized at 11 am with Lynn-lynn. Well, that was the plan. So Friday night at the interview we find out that Rowena and Ernie have something to do in the morning and won't be able to make it all done-up and ready for a wedding at 10 am and 1 pm would be much better. So now we have to get a hold of President Piol who is going to be the one marrying them. I contact him and he tells me that he can't postpone anything. But he can do 11 am. So now the question is what do we do now??? So we decide  to have it at 11 am and pray that it'll work.

Morning comes. The marriage contract isn't done. No witnesses. WHAT?!?!?! I totally thought that that was all done. I guess not. So then all morning we were running around trying to save this wedding. Because if it doesn't happen, then no baptism!! We go and get the marriage contract moving and edited up but its wasn't printing right at all!!! So the whole time I'm just praying that this stuff is going to work out before 11 am. FINALLY we get everything printed off and it looks great at 11:15. Elder Hardin and I run to the church and bust in the door to the church holding the papers. President Piol (who is not a very nice guy and didn't want to be there at all anyway) looks at the papers and I'm holding my breath. They're alright and the wedding happens. The wedding is over, they're man and wife, we have a nice lunch and then have the baptism. Happiest day of my entire life. No joke.

Then I reach in my pocket to check the time. No cell phone. I ask Elder Serrano if he has our cell phone. Nope. That means we left it at our Branch Presidents computer shop on his desk. No problem. We call the girl watching the shop but the phone isnt there. So we start calling the phone like crazy but nothing. So then I realize where it is. It fell out of my pocket while we were riding in the trisikad! Now, there are over 300 sikads in Toledo. They are all painted blue and they are the equivalent to New York cabs. I instantly gave up hope. Tough break! Looks like I'm gonna have to lose money outta my support for this one. But Elder Serrano, my companion and best friend, didn't give up hope. He told me later that he was praying all day that it would get found.

Later that night, Elder Hardin and I were taking care of some contract papers when we get a call on their cell phone. Its from some girl named Shirley. Her uncle is a sikad driver who found a cell phone in his kad. She was wondering if we knew anyone who had lost a cell phone. I was like "YEAH!!!!" So she told us to meet her uncle, Willie, over by the church at 8 am and he would bring the cell phone to us. Serrano's prayers were answered and I was quickly rebuked by the Spirit for my lack of faith and my neglecting to call upon the name of the Lord. Thank heavens for honest people tho, right? Right.....

So we go to the corner at 8 am the next morning and wait for the guy. Nothing. We waited until about 8:45 and then head home to get ready for church. Then we head back and wait. We talk to every sikad driver that we see asking them if they know Willie. Nobody knew him until we met this on guy who told us that Willie's number on his kad was 4 Largo. We wait for a long time and I'm just sitting there praying my brains out this this guy passes by. Then this lone sikad wheels by slowly. 4 Largo. Elder Serrano and I are in an instant full-on sprint for this guy. I catch him and ask his name. Its Willie. But he doesn't have the phone. He left it at home. He says he'll bring it to the church tomorrow at 10 am. Deal.

Next day. Church at 10. Nothing. We get on sikads for an hour just tracking back and forth looking for 4 Largo. Nothing. Praying like crazy again. Then that night we get a call from a member who happened to call us. The people were going to bring our phone but didn't have any money to make it to Toledo since they are from the next town over. But they say that tomorrow they will meet us at the church in Lutopan and give us the phone there.

Then yesterday morning Elder Serrano and I got up and headed out to Lutopan. At 10 am we got there and after a little waiting two girls get off a motorcycle and come across the street. I'm  wondering which one is Shirley because I want to thank her. Turns out NEITHER of them is Shirley. Turns out Shirley turned around and sold our cell phone that night after she called us! But she was dumb enough to not delete the contacts and the girls who bought the cell phone were former investigators that were pretty close with the Elders. So they were going through the contacts (Shirley didn't delete them) and saw some Elders in there and then got a call from the member. They brought us the cell phone cuz they felt bad for us. We flipped them 500 pesos cuz they spent 700 on our phone.

Crazy stuff. The prayers we said definitely got answered. It was a lot of work and a lot of prayer but somehow everything still happened to work out. Crazy. Who gets their cell phone back AFTER it gets pawned off??? That's impossible. But not with Heavenly Father answering prayers. He brought that phone right back to us.

Just a lil story to keep you guys full spiritually. Love you all.

See you next week!!!


October 25, 2011

Hey everyone.

Hahaha. So this is my....second to last email. And this last week has just been soooo crazy! Its just Elder Serrano and I trying our hardest to get all these baptisms through before I'm outta here. Its so nuts! So much fun and so much running around. Just helping people while trying to keep my sanity and my patience too.

For example....

So we had a wedding planned for this last Saturday for Lynn-Lynn. SHe's the one whose been an investigator for the last 6 years and hasn't been able to join the church cuz she's living with her member boyfriend and they havent had the money to get married. So she got this paper from the government certifying that they had been living together for 5 years and we were told that that was the paper that certified them as married. Well, on Friday night, Churchill got called back to work in Surigao which meant that we needed to finalize everything ASAP. We went over to their house and Elder Hardin looked at the 5 year affidavit that they had gotten and said that that was the paper that considers them married. So we congratulated them and then went home for the night.

But the Philippines government isn't THAT easy.....not by a long shot.

The next morning, the day of her baptism, I get the prompting that we need to go double check with someone to make sure even though EVERYONE was telling me that that paper was the final deal. We go over to the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare something starting with a D) and ask them what that paper means. Well, turns out that the paper takes the place of the marriage certificate! We still have to have a ceremony in order to make this thing official! So then we went into a frenzy calling the district president and anyone else that we can to see if we can get these two people married before 6 pm that night. But just one dead end after another. And the worst part was that we knew that Churchill wasn't going to make it until next Saturday so we were definitely running out of time. Turns out that the thing that we needed now was a Marriage Certificate that they would need to sign at their wedding ceremony and we didn't even know what that looked like. Well, it was going to be postponed. THat was the bottom line. But that night during the baptism (we couldn't baptize Lynn2x but we still had 3 others get baptized) I went into the Branch President's office feeling really anxious and not good at all. I was really worried about Churchill leaving back to Surigao and Lynn2x not getting baptized. But as I prayed I said, "We did everything that we could, Lynn2x and Churchill did everything they could and I don't understand why we still failed. I know it is your will that Lynn2x be baptized" and then I felt the response of, "Yeah. It is My will. But not this week. If it was my will for it to happen tonight then it would be happening. Don't worry. Its all good." And then I felt fine.

But I had a new determination. I realized that Lynn2x's baptism was conditional on all of us doing the best that we could to make it happen. If we started slacking then we were going to lose the Lord's help. Elder Serrano and I decided that we could shoot for a wedding on Tuesday if we worked really hard on it. The Lutopan branch president sent us some papers for the marriage contract with the Elders at District MEeting. Then we were off to work. We needed to have this thing all typed out before Tuesday morning. We ran all over the place Monday afternoon looking for someone who could put these forms in a typewriter and get them all typed up. But that was looking impossible now. We got to the DSWD office and asked if they could do it and they said no. It was 5 o clock. People everywhere were going home. The government was going home for the night. In desperation we went to our branch president and asked him what we could do. He sat in his internet shop and proposed that he make a template for the forms and then print them off. We thanked him greatly and then left with a prayer in our hearts. Long story short, he couldn't but his wife was able to make a template. But then we didn't have any witnesses. So Tuesday morning we were running everywhere to get witnesses. Got four of them and then got back to the internet shop. We got it printed off and got to the church at 11 am for the 1:30 wedding. Lynn2x and Churchill got married yesterday and I was there for it. Sooooo happy. Maybe the happiest moment of my mission. Its definitely becoming the happiest weeks of my mission.

We're getting prepared for Lynn2x, Rowena, Ernie and Klein to get baptized this Saturday and then Soy2x the next week.

Love you guys. See you in two weeks. And here we are.....

October 19, 2011

Hey everyone.

So you probably were expecting an email about 24 hours ago NOT expecting me to be writing you on Thursday rather than the regular Wednesday. So first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Its still your birthday back home so its nice that I get to wish you a Happy Birthday on your actual birthday rather than a day before. So the reason why we are emailing right now as opposed to yesterday is because in...5 hours we will be sitting at the feet of Jeffrey R Holland and hearing what he has to say to us. I have no idea what he is going to speak about but I'm super stoked. I got selected to be in the choir which really blew my mind because I dont fancy myself as any kind of standout singer or anything. Usually I just sing in choirs out of pure necessity or I get pulled into it....which is kinda what happened here I guess. We read the Book of Mormon in like 4 weeks or something to prepare for Elder Holland. Well, just my district. Elder Hardin and I thought it would be a good idea to prepare us for this super sweet chance. I am on Moroni 6 right now so I think I'll finish up as we are studying before he walks in with President Teh and Tad R Callister of the Seventy (Who I am super excited about!) It would really suck though to not finish with such little bit left!!!

The thing with the baptisms is getting crazy. Satan is trying sooooooo hard to postpone these baptisms. I have now payed for TWO weddings with my birthday money and I am all out of cash (so I would really love it if you could stick that extra birthday money in my account so I can get something for my going away party). Lynn-Lynn and Churchell (who is a member) are picking up their Certificate of No Marriage on Friday and then going straight to the Judge to declare Article 34 that states that since they did everything they needed to in order to be married before and have been living together for 7 years, the country considers them married and then BOOM! you may kiss the bride. Lynn2x is getting baptized on Saturday. 6 years of investigating the church just waiting for the wedding to happen. No money. Glad I could help thanks to all of you.

Then you have Jonathon who is ready as you can be. He's a really great guy. So full of the Love of God and humility. He's gonna be a great member. Great Priesthood holder.

Ernie and Rowena and Klein. Holy cow. These three have been quite the roller coaster. Just the most beautiful little family you ever did see! Rowena is one of the most converted people I have been able to teach my entire mission and Ernie isn't far behind. Klein is just 8 years old but gets read to out of the Book of Mormon Reader between playing with his friends and watching episodes of Dragonball Z (oh, to be a kid again!!!) But then we had a couple of bumps. First, they need to take some Family Living seminar before they get married. They got scheduled for October 26 but then at the same time, they also have to wait 10 days for their Marriage License after that. Which would postpone their marriage for 2 weeks. They are supposed to be baptized this week. I was curious if there was a way around it so Elder Hardin and I went up to the City Hall and talked to some lady who didn't want to help us at all and referred us to an office across town and so we headed over there and we were told that the seminar HAD to happen no matter what. I offered 500 pesos for them to get out of it. Nope. So then I just asked if it were possible to get them pushed up to this Wednesday rather than the next Wednesday. They talked about it and they approved it. So Rowena and Ernie did it yesterday. They get baptized on the 29th.

But then another road bump. On Monday, a member came to Elder Serrano and I and told us that he saw Ernie smoking a cigarette and drinking and stuff which made no sense to us because he doesn't ever do any of those things. We talked to Rowena and she said that he didn't so we talked to the member and he defended himself really hardcore that he saw what he saw. Well, we told the member that we were grateful for his coming to us but it all really depended on what Ernie said. We knew that he wouldn't lie to us and whatever he said, we were going to accept that as the truth and then deal with it from there. He got all flared up and said that Ernie didn't deserve to be baptized yet and that I shouldn't focus on numbers but on conversion. That kinda got me flared up but I just heard him out. He went off for a minute or so. I told him thanks for his help and that it was up to Ernie. Then the member said that if Ernie gets baptized and starts smoking, then I would be blamed. I said that was fine and that I wasn't worried about that anyway.

Then he said that he would testify forever to what he saw. I asked him to whom he would testify because I didn't want this guy spreading garbage about my boy Ernie. He said he was going to testify to the Lord. I told him that was good and that it should stop there and then he said the words that for the last two years, after all my work and focusing on the Atonement to help me in my weaknesses, and improving and trying to become more Christlike, have become just a dagger to who I feel I have become. He said, "You are so prideful". Two choices. I could blow up on this guy and tear him down for being the prideful one in the situation or I could walk away. I just said, "Okay, thank you", then turned around and walked away. I was breathing soooo deeply trying to keep myself from acting out, punching a tree, hitting a fence, throwing a rock, etc. Just clenched my fists and walked away breathing it out. And the Academy Award goes to.....

I can kinda see where he is coming from. He's an RM from a different time. The work soooo much more on the Spirit and Revelation than it was in his time. I know by the Spirit that Ernie is ready. In my view of how the Atonement works, a man with no addiction to smoking shouldn't have his baptism postponed (and in effect a wedding and the baptism of his family) because of 2 puffs of a cigarette. I'm not excusing him. But that's what the Atonement is about. Forgiveness for mistakes. He made a mistake and he deserves forgiveness.

Well, (as you may have guessed) turns out that Ernie did smoke. He took two puffs of a cigarette that his friend brought back from Italy. He confessed to Rowena when she asked. Its not going to stop his baptism. Not a shot. Two puffs isn't condemnation. He just needs to repent before the 29th and thats why we are here. He feels horrible about it. Might I say, the "pains of a damned soul". haha. But he's ready. Just a bit of paghinulsol and he's good to go.

So 4 baptisms on the 22nd, 3 on the 29th and hopefully 1 on the 5th.

What a week. Still sane and still lookin good....well, as good as I can.

Love you guys. See you in a bit.  Brandon

October 4, 2011

Hey family!
So this week has been pretty dang great! Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday money via my parents. It has really helped me. It also helped some other stuff out but I'll get to that later.
Things are going super good for our investigators at this point. We have all of them working on one thing or another. Most of them are ready for baptism, they just have to go to church all 4 Sundays. They are:
Jonathon Para-asi. A mild mannered security guard axed from his job in Lamac, Cebu. Met by two Elders out in Lamac, he listened to what they said and it clicked with everything he had ever wanted in life. He returned to Toledo, Cebu in the summer of 2011 to retreat from the pressures of his work life only to find out that his father was against any church that was not Catholic. After many arguments and quarrels, his parents moved out--leaving Jonathon a lone man on his tiny island home. However, he has a book--The Book of Mormon. And in his spare time he reads this book in order to feel closer to someone--to feel closer to God. He is awesome. He is getting baptized on October 22. He's got a great testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. He's gonna be great.
Then we have Rowena and Ernie Macapobre. They aren't married yet which has made it pretty tough for us to get either of them baptized. Rowena is definitely more converted though than most of our branch. She does her home teaching, goes to church every week with her family and then reads the Book of Mormon daily. Ernie is just a humble, loving guy who wants to do what is right. He's had a tough life and his brothers are just a bunch of lazy alcoholics which makes him the example. The problem that they aren't married is seriously the only thing keeping them from getting baptized. That's why I'm so happy that some people sent me some birthday money because I was able to pay for all their papers to get them married. Now they are getting married on October 22nd and then going straight from their wedding to the baptism! They are getting baptized with their 8 year old son! My only family that I've baptized my entire mission but it has definitely been one of the sweetest baptisms I've prepared. Last night we were teaching Ernie about the Book of Mormon and Rowena bore the coolest testimony of the Book of Mormon. She cried and just testified of how it has helped their relationship and they don't fight anymore because of the Book. So excited for their baptism. Thanks for all the cash you guys sent for my birthday! Its how it happened!
We have other investigators that are getting close. We have the Bontuyan kids whose mom is a member and all their older siblings but because mom was inactive for 3 years, no baptism. Well, now Mom came to church last week and we set up a sweet service project building them a window and door for their house so they can all go to church and now we're having them get baptized on the 22nd as well.
All in all, we're looking at probably 9 people getting baptized on the 22nd. We're really working hard to get them all ready. We're visiting everyone pretty much everyday. Its exhausting.
SOOOOOOOOOOOO stoked for Conference this weekend! I know you all saw it and you got to see whats up but we are so stoked!!! We're doing a big District breakfast at this restaurant we go to (when there is money) and then going to watch the first Session on Saturday. We've got a bunch of investigators coming. Ernie Macapobre is stoked to go to Priesthood in his new white shirt and tie that I gave him. He's a stud.
Thanks for all the love folks! I'm going to be sitting in the mission home 5 weeks from TODAY!!!

September 27, 2011

Hey family.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes and what not.
 So basically there have been soooo many blessings just hitting me in the face this week that its just breathtaking!!!! We dropped Goody on whatever day we dropped him on. I think it was Monday. I was really concerned about how we were going to reach our goals and mission standards. Goody was an everyday investigator that got us about 5 lessons a week. We were having trouble reaching the standards as it was and I was scared that dropping him was going to hit us hard when it came to lessons. But I felt that everything was going to be okay. I had felt that we needed to drop Goody so that's what we needed to do.
Tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Plania and we got three referrals. Two of which have turned into solid investigators.
Thursday we started teaching 3 children of an inactive member who, as a result no doubt of our visit, came to church for the first time in 3 years.
Saturday we received another referral who came to church on Sunday asking for a baptismal date.
Sunday we started teaching Rowena (our best investigator)'s husband Ernie and committed their entire family to an October 22 baptism.
Yesterday we had an Area Attack that resulted in the finding of an inactive RM and his family who is now going to be the focus of our reactivation efforts and his family a focus of teaching.
Why would I be nervous? It was in the Lord's hands all along. What a testimony builder. You receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. We have 8 people lined up for baptism now on the 22nd of October. I couldn't be happier. My companion and I are really good friends and our area is booming now. This is exactly what I want for my last 5 weeks in the field. haha. 5 weeks.....
Just keep on working hard and making things happen where they need to be.
Nice to hear that the Cougars were able to scrape out a win against the highly-rated Central Florida football team. I can see how that would be a struggle. WHAT THE HECK!!! We only won by 7??? I guess a win is a win is a win.... I'll take em any way they come but I'm a little nervous about the upcoming game against Utah State. I've only heard good things about Utah State this year. Also heard that the Giants lost the West. And what is going on with the NBA? Are there any scheduled games yet? Or is this lockout thing going to persist? I gotta see myself some Jazz ball when I get home!!!
Alright. So here we go into the last transfer of the mission. 5 weeks??? That's just crazy!!!!
Love you guys and can't wait to see you in a month and some change.

September 20, 2011

Hey family!

So....wow. Where do I start off? Super just like...what......? Like, its hard for me to try and explain these feelings of just sadness and emptiness and hollow--...where could we have gone wrong? What is this? Are we not Brigham Young University Cougars? Why do we not fight then as such? Where is the Cougar Pride that we hold so dear? Are we putting too much trust in the hands of a Sophomore? What did we expect? Is a 44 point gap something that we can really roll over and accept as "just another loss"? Wow. "Therefore, in consequence of the turnovers of my Cougars, it is expedient in me that mine Cougar fans should wait a little season for the redemption of Zion--" D&C 105:9...with adjustments.

So this week we dropped Goody as an investigator. Yeah...it was a little rough. He has been my favorite. I've taken a lot of missionaries over there and been able to teach them how to teach using the Spirit and the scriptures (most missionaries in our mission only use the Book of Mormon and nothing else) to answer questions. He would be such an excellent member if not for his pride. He just wouldn't give anything a real chance at this point. As far as I know, we are the 4th set of Elders he has met. So...if that 5-7 times thing is right about contact with the Church, then he's due next time. I think we prepped him pretty well. He's such a great guy. But I totally trust the Lord that there is someone waiting for us elsewhere. We found three new investigators yesterday including one alcoholic who wants to change his life. We talked with him a lot about the one lost sheep and how Jesus searched it out. We told him he was that lost sheep and the Lord had sent us there to bring him back. It was one of my favorite lessons of my mission. Just seeing this guy who has thrown his life in the gutter trying to pull himself back out. Its impossible without the Atonement. He committed to not smoke or drink anymore so we are checking up on him tonight. Good guy. Just needs help.
Also, on a side note, MY DREAMS ARE BEING REALIZED!!!!! I guess you all have at least a minor understanding of my pure and just endless love for anything musical (yes, even Alison Krauss has some flavor at times). Well, we had this Service Project and afterwards we went over to the house of the member that helped us out and I noticed that he had a drumset. Well, Elder Serrano plays drums so I asked if he could maybe play a little. He pulls out the drums and then comes out the mic, then the guitar, then the bass. He's handin stuff out to everyone left and right! He hands me the mic and it turns out that Elder Serrano is INCREDIBLE on the drums and Elder Faustarilla is a KING on the guitar! Elder Hardin took the bass and just plucked away. We just messed around for a second and then Elder Faustarilla goes, "Okay guys, lets get serious..." and then starts playing "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by the Script. It was so awesome. So I start singing. We're being super serious like we're in a concert but not thinking we're going to get very far until Elder Serrano comes in with the drums and then Hardin just hits one note after another and soon as we know it, we are ROCKIN!!!! We have now created our band for P-Days! We are "Sons of Thunder"!!!! Its awesome. Its not as big as it sounds.

Also big news...what if I said that on October 20, 2011, Elder Jeffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints would be coming to the Cebu mission and doing a mission fireside? Just a thought...since he is. hahaha. YEAH!!! Holland, Tad R. Callister (whose talk on Joseph Smith and the Restoration became my blueprint for teaching the importance of the First Vision) and President Michael Teh. Its gonna be pretty dang awesome to say the least. I started the Book of Mormon over and plan on finishing it before the fireside so I can prepare. Its gonna be awesome.
In other news....if my calculations are correct, I think I only have 6 REAL P-Days left. After that I'll be in the mission home waiting for mom and dad to pick me up. Pretty crazy but...yeah. Nuts. Almost home. Just working til the end though.

Take it easy kids.
Love you all.


September 13, 2011

Hey everyone!

Man alive. I can't believe that we are coming to the end of this journey together! I say together because you guys all have been there for me throughout these two years of trial and happiness. It has been awesome hasn't it? I love it. It's been so much more than me talking to people about God. Emails just can't even come close to capturing just what has been happening over this period of time. Not even close. Its been miracle after miracle.
Speaking of miracles, GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE TODAY!!! Opened it up but didn't open any of the stuff in there. Its all wrapped up. Good move. I could tell what everything was and was super stoked! haha. Yeah, I guess I shouldn't have really expected to get a Mountain Dew in the mail. But I guess it was worth a shot right? REALLY excited about the Cheddar Chex Mix. Good pickup with that, fam!

So Goody has been quite a roller coaster of an investigator for me. I'll tell you what! I have been having everyone but the Spirit and my companion telling me that I need to drop him like a rock but I just felt that there was hope. I knew that the Spirit knew something that I didn't. Yesterday we talked with him and he told us that he felt that the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith were both true. I was so shocked that I forgot to commit him to baptism! dangit. It's okay though cuz we're gonna go back and try it this week.

We taught some kids yesterday. One was a Pentecostal kid that had a lot of Bible verses in his head but had no idea what Priesthood was. Sooooo many churches only want to talk about prophecy though. He brought that up but we told him that we weren't into changing topics. His friends though on the other hand seemed VERY interested and one of them told us that he was really looking for the true church. He actually started out being the least interested but I think him hearing about Joseph Smith's First Vision really sparked something and the Spirit had a great chance to testify to him. We have a return appointment with him.

Things are kind of tough for us right now since everyone is having baptisms in the zone except for Elder Serrano and I even though we are trying our hardest. The Lord wants me to finish strong even though things are tough. That's what is up here. I'm pretty sure that's it.
Speaking of trials, TOUGH LOSS FOR THE COUGARS!!! Gosh... The game has been quite the discussion the past couple of days for us here in the field. President has kept the APs in the loop on the results and the APs have kept me up to date. A one point loss is the most bitter of losses. But they need to get the taste out of their mouths and get back to the grind because we have a big game coming with Utah on the line at home! Hope you guys have a great time at the game. I'm praying for you guys and for the Cougs...to do their best. Because I know their best is better than the Utes' best. Don't worry Dad. I'm almost home. You got your BYU Back of the Couch Pacing Companion back in no time! hahaha. Miss you dad.

Miss you and Love you all soooooo much.

I'll be home for Christmas!